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What's happening on the local scene for Lacrosse?

LAX Donations

Greetings SRLC!

Did you know that the game of lacrosse was traditionally played by Native Americans to (among other things) honor the harvest seasons, bless the crops and bring agricultural success? 

Well there's a special Solstice event coming up and I NEED YOUR HELP! 

Mid June I will be venturing to Standing Rock Reservation for a permaculture planting celebration event hosted by The Medicine Wheel Living Park. (http://

This inspiring grassroots non profit organization is focused on bringing ecological education, food sovereignty and love to Standing Rock via their 64 acre fruit/nut tree farm & garden project. When they found out that I was a lacrosse coach in California, I was invited to help host a game of lacrosse!

Unfortunately though, the reservation's youth does not have any boys or girls lacrosse equipment!

That's why I am reaching out to you in order to help support Standing Rock youth! 

If you and your family have any slightly to well used items that you wish to let go of for a good cause, Please bring them with you on June 3rd to the End of the Season BBQ. I will be there to gratefully accept them! 

If you cannot attend the BBQ but wish to donate an item- please contact me at and I will happily pick them up. 


- Mens/Womens Sticks

- Balls

- Mens gloves, pads

- Goalie Gear

- Goal (if it breaks down easily, it'll fit in the car!)

- Jerseys/Pinnies

** You are more than welcome to purchase new gear and donate that as well **

Big Gratitude for any and all of your support! - U14 Girl Coach Trudel 

Sonoma Indoor Lacrosse League


Sonoma Indoor Lacrosse League (SILL) is a "pick-up game" style, fast paced and exciting opportunity to play indoor lacrosse.  SILL games are typically held on Sundays at Sports City Indoor Soccer Complex in Cotati, CA .  No weekday practices, just a game on the weekend.  Easy on the school schedule!

SILL is an excellent, low-cost way to have fun AND improve your lacrosse stick skills to get ready for the next season!  When you play an Indoor box style you will automatically improve your passing and catching skills.

The season is held in the fall (Sept/Oct).  Look for further information on your Steelhead Network!  



Santa Rosa Lacrosse Club is pleased to announce our partnership with 101 Lacrosse.  101 Lacrosse is a growing influence in Sonoma County offering the serious student of the sport access to very experienced lacrosse professionals.

Take your game to the next level - Join 101 LAX!